Friday, June 24, 2011

Stories I read while realizing I didn’t pack shoes for my weekend in Washington

I’m going to spend three days in our nation’s capital and all I have are the dress shoes I wear to work. I even packed socks. Guess this means I need to buy a cheap pair of sandals. 

Today’s pretty slow so far. Where’s the campus blogosphere? Spending all of their time at the Terrace? 

State Journal: Soglin worried too much city funds going to Village on Park mall. Does this mean he’s planning to send some of those funds somewhere else on the South Side to keep his anti-poverty campaign message alive?

Well-written obituary for Maureen Grant, the UW librarian killed in Wednesday’s bus accident. 

Journal Sentinel: Ron Johnson gets snippy about a big payout from his plastics company. 

"I have no idea what could be suspicious or cynical about this," Johnson said before cutting short the interview. "This was fully disclosed in terms of what I reported."

My favorite comment on a State Journal story about the perma-balloon at the Capitol:

I’d like to take my pretty pink Glock and use that balloon for target practice! Seriously, what a stupid story!
Well, with concealed carry heading through, that might be possible. 

Crazy Times story about LulzSec.