Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome to MadWonk

Hi everybody. Welcome to MadWonk.

For two years I’ve sat on the sidelines of political debate in Madison, forming my own internal opinions but never vocalizing them. I’ve grown skeptical of most politicians, enthusiastic about Wisconsin and critical of the role of mass media in American society.

This fall I’ll be back in Madison for another year at The Badger Herald, but with a new twist. I’m writing opinion.

As Multimedia Editor, I’ll be coordinating our blog content, making changes to our website and social media presence and sitting on the Editorial Board. But I’m most excited about the opportunity to finally maintain a blog. 

I was going to hold off on starting this until the fall, but I’m too anxious to start writing again. Currently I’m sequestered in Philadelphia for an internship, but check here at least a couple of times a week for my take on politics in Madison and beyond the city.

Soon, this blog will be moving over to badgerherald.com, and I’ll make you all aware when that happens. But for now, I hope this blog fits into a cozy niche in the Madison and UW blogosphere: critical of our leaders, skeptical of all news and, most importantly, not the thoughts of a campus, city or state politician.

Look for the occasional thought on music, a viral video or a movie, too. 

Ryan Rainey