Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stories I’ve missed while working/vacationing

I wish I would’ve known earlier that Justices Prosser and Bradley would get into their little spat before I stowed my MacBook away for the entire weekend in Washington, D.C. 

Speaking of Prosser and Bradley, check out this Journal Sentinel story that gives the most fair and detailed rundown of what’s happened. 

Ward selected as UW’s interim chancellor. It should be interesting to see what kind of relationship students and ASM folks have with him after Biddy’s departure. Former Herald EIC Jason Smathers dug up an old BH editorial criticizing Ward for his handling of a sweatshop controversy just months before he stepped down in 2000. Personally, I’m a little sad it’s not Wiley, but I’m in a minority apparently. 

Has anyone else been following this story about Hilldale? 

Worrisome news today about a large fire downtown in the building that houses Underground Kitchen. 

Since I’m in Philadelphia for the summer I’ve seen much of economic depression, but none of the crime, that this JS piece describes. Milwaukee could face the same problems if their public education system isn’t improved. Despite strong public education being the key foundation to forming any safe, flourishing city, our system is backwards right now.