Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Earth to GOP: Don’t ruin Chris Christie

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is, without question, the only Republican worth voting for in the next presidential election. He’s not a wingnut like Rick Perry, not weak-appearing like John Huntsman, not reactionary like Michele Bachmann and not an quasi-oligarch like Mitt Romney.

Christie is blunt. He’s middle class. He has young kids, just like President Obama. He cares about his state, not his agenda. Unlike Scott Walker, to whom Christie is often compared, Christie doesn’t sugarcoat what he’s doing to his state or why he’s doing it.¬†

I hate admitting that I think these things considering I rarely agree with anything Christie says. But compared to the Republicans’ current candidates, Christie is the only candidate I’d be comfortable with as a leader. Lack of leadership has, until recently, become a recurring theme in the Obama presidency, and I’m actually convinced that even if Christie implemented policies I disagreed with, he’d still find some way to make me think it’s not as bad as my liberal friends would make me believe.

Just imagine a Christie-Obama debate. The affair would be dramatic, thoughtful and¬†therapeutic…as long as Christie doesn’t change.

But as we’ve seen in the last several months, Christie will likely feel heavy pressure to run to the extreme right along with his fellow candidates. If that happens, consider this post null-and-void.