Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CEO and the War Against Minorities

I’ve never heard of the Center for Equal Opportunity before tonight. I’m a little taken aback they would use such a misleading term to promote such an unequal agenda. But with all of the tweets and Facebook posts I’ve seen, this quote is the most disturbing higher education-related statement I’ve seen in my time at UW.

The latest census figures have dramatically underscored that America is increasingly multiethnic and multiracial. In such country, is simply untenable for our institutions—including public universities—to engage in politically correct but divisive and unfair discrimination.

CEO President Roger Clegg

I’m constantly amazed by how buzzwords like “politically correct” and “divisive” can still hold so much water after a decade where so much has been done to discredit the critics of affirmative action. 

But as many people have mentioned, Madison isn’t like Ann Arbor or even Austin. Students here have rekindled their love for activism, and this is a more worthy cause for student activism than any other, possibly even more important than the budget repair bill. I won’t be surprised if UW-Madison is the location of the endgame between those supporting and opposing increased diversity efforts on public university campuses. 

The good guys will win this one. 


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